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    Checking the health of your team is as important as checking health of your application. In the end healthy team == healthy application.

    This is how #Spotify is checking health of their teams :

    As #Meta decided to lay off additionally 10000 engineers, the message from #Zuck is quite revealing about the situation in the company, organizational structure and perhaps architecture and technology as well.

    In the past decade companies have been moving their infrastructure in cloud. However as costs in cloud quickly might eat into profits, that trend might change. #basecamp #cloud

    To change the architecture of a software-intensive system ensconced in a large organization, you often have to change the architecture of the organization.

    And ultimately, that is a political problem, not just a technical one.

    Great architects are great collaborators. They have to zoom in and go deep. Wallow, learn, and then zoom out and say, does this make sense strategically? #architecture #EAP

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