How to improve speed of your mobile web application?


Creating a mobile web application is fairly simple – just scale a website for a smaller screen and it works flawlessly. But there is a problem – a mobile web application still feels and acts like a website, it is just smaller version of a desktop website. It is slow when displaying some kind of simple animations – for example slide toggle.

Nowadays it is fairly easy for developers to create a responsive website (e.g website, which scales itself automatically according to the screen size). Some people just use media queries , another use ready-made boilerplates like Bootstrap, Skeleton or Bones (for creating responsive WordPress template).

To get best experience from your mobile web/html application, using CSS3 transitions is the key. When usual transitions are just changing DOM and usage of hardware acceleration is minimal, CSS3 transitions are always using hardware/GPU acceleration and this gives a very big performance improvement and your application becomes very responsive.

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