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    Upgrading #MySQL from one major version to another one is tough. Though we decided to migrate to 5.7 at first, #FB decided to migrate staright to 8.x

    There is a chronic shortage of talented engineers in Japan and it shows as more and more companies are having large system failures or security breaches. #Mizuho bank, one of the largest banks in #Japan suffers 5th outage in this year.

    Your customers are as satisfied as good is your #SRE team (or whether it even exists). #Uber outlines some good incident management practices when building a successful on call culture.

    Designing an efficient #Redis data model while keeping performance in mind can be very tricky. A good example about how to approach the problem.

    When deploying out from your local environment, there might be fundamental differences between your local environment and your target/cloud infrastructure. Unit tests and CI may suddenly break if your tests are flaky.

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